What ur Letter??

Now you opened you should repost this within 10 minutes or you’ll be cursed forever in your life. You should pick what are you feeling today…
a- Bored
b- Sad
c- heart broken
d- Cool
e- just fine
f- wanna cry
g- Wanna kill myself
h- wanna kick someone else’s butt
i- Afraid
j- Frustrated
k- Feeling Fresh
l- Thinking about someone
m- broke up with your Bf/GF
n- In love
o- Worried
p- Pale
q- Can’t help myself
r- Outta control
s- Feeling sexy
t- Wanna say I love you but afraid to..
u- wanna slap enemies!
v- Wanna buy and sell things
w- Feeling Beautiful
x- Want to kiss someone
y- Want to jump off a building
z- Speechless
Now repost this say:
‘My letters is “T,L and Y”

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4 Responses to “What ur Letter??”
  1. diarisenja says:

    me…hehehe… C! hohoh~

  2. crazylove says:

    diarisenja – sabaq no…..
    mahsyar90 – cool!!

  3. mahsyar90 says:

    nak tahu bagaimana orang tag?
    sebenarnya ada banyak cara.
    salah satu melalui pingback..orang yang tag kita terus akan link balik kepada kita..
    satu lagi melalui pemberitahuan la..orang yg tag kita akan bagitau..tu yang selalu kita buat..hehe..ada paham?

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