Top 10 Moving On Tips (Try to be alone)

Top 10 Moving On Tips (Try to be alone)
  1. Channel all of your energy into positive activities that make you feel good about your self
  2. Listen to happy music. Turn off the Sade and Cold-play. Find something you can dance to.
  3. If you really want to work on how to get over a breakup, give yourself enough time and space to deal with the situation.
  4. Talk to your friend and family members about how you feel, it may help to write it all down in a journal.
  5. If you try hard enough to be strong when in fact you’re not, you’ll just be punishing yourself more from inside. So please don’t.
  6. Call your friend, call your Mom, do whatever you have to. Getting over an EX means not getting set back by stupid mistakes.
  7. Stop talking about what happened, it makes moving on even harder. The key to  getting over a break up: learn and then move on.
  8. Take a vacation!. being in a different destination reminds u that there’s mre to life than the world you created with ur EX.
  9. Stay busy!. Make plans so that you don’t end up isolated at home.
  10. Limit contact with your ex-partner. Dont call!.

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